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This web site is essentially designed for patrons who have seen me at an art show and want to revisit my work before purchasing. It also facilitates the purchase of small prints that were sold out or were not available in small sizes at an art show

You can order directly any photograph on this web site in small sizes on paper (with or without frame)canvas, or metal up to 24"x36". The easy-to-use framing simulator allows you to crop or add a frame to an image and pre-visualize its look, without committing to buy. Registering on the site is optional.

For sizes larger than 24"x36", please eMail me via the Contact tab. Unlike this web site, large sizes are produced under my direct control to ensure maximum quality and offer custom sizes matching your required dimensions. Orders must be prepaid and production time is about two weeks. Most of my photographs can be printed on paper or canvas in sizes up to 115" wide and 58" tall. My largest canvas triptychs (3 panels) can be printed in sizes up to 80"x60". My Dye sublimation prints (aka metal prints) are limited to 60"x40" at the present time. Boxing/crating and shipping costs need to be quoted. Here is my current price list for large prints:

The video below illustrates the look of my canvas prints as displayed in my mobile galleries at art festivals. I have since added dye sublimation prints at the shows.

My Mobile Galleries

This short video shows traffic in my booth on a typical day at the "La Quinta Art Celebration" festival.