My first trip of the year was in April and was centered around Moab and Blanding. I met with friends Charles Wood and Rick Schaefer sporadically during this trip.

In May, I traveled to Italy and France to beef up my growing European portfolio for the shows.


In June, it was back to Utah to revisit sites around Southern Utah and on the San Rafael Swell.

Later in June, I exhibited for the 9th straight year at the La Jolla Festival of the Arts

In July, I traveled with Charles Wood to Brazil. First we spent a week hiking in Chapada Diamantina National Park.

This was followed by five days in Lençois Maranhenses National Park, including three trekking through dunes and lagoons with our guide and a small horse carrying our equipment. A great experience.

In early September, I met my friend Hiro Nakai for Yant Flat and Zion's East Rim, then continued solo to a number of other locations, before rejoining Hiro in Canyonlands and Cedar Mesa...

Buckhorn Draw PanelBuckhorn Draw Panel

Hiro and I met with Rick Schafer for some pleasant hiking on Cedar Mesa and Slickhorn Canyon

October 1st marked the release of Greg Vaughn’s Photographing Washington, the 7th book in my ‘Photographing’ series. Six months later, the book was nominated for a Benjamin Franklin award in the Travel category.

In October, I returned to Zion for a night hike to Deertrap Mountain to capture Zion Canyon at sunrise and also stopped by Snow Canyon.

I also returned to Yant Flat; that was my 5th trip

On the way back I couldn'pass up a stop at Valley of Fire.

In November I once again joined Momo Vuyisch and Bill Pelzman for a 3-day aerial shoot. The first two pics below are above The Wave.

These next two are Reflection Canyon shortly after sunrise Reflection Canyon aerial 2Reflection Canyon aerial 2

and this one is an abstract of the Caineville Badlands

Patricia and I (plus dog Skye) finished the year in Utah, meeting Rick and Max Schafer, as well as Tom Till in Moab.